Qigong is one of the most effective practices you can do to reduce stress in the body and mind.Qigong_picture_2.jpg

Qigong, (pronounced “chee-gung”), means energy cultivation, energy work, or energy exercise. Qigong is the mother of Tai Chi. Both are based upon the same movement principles.  Qigong is an ancient health-building practice that cultivates and harmonizes chi energy, the life force energy that is in all living things.

Qigong is often called a moving meditation. It uses slow, gentle, easily learned movements and breath to cleanse, circulate, balance, and fortify our life-force energy (chi, ki, prana).  There is a direct and vital relationship between this chi energy and the functioning of all body systems. Acupuncture is based upon this knowledge. In many Chinese hospitals, qigong is part of the healing protocol. Doctors know that it speeds the process of recovery, and can help to counteract the effects of radiation & chemotherapy, due to its’ immune system-building capabilities. In Korea, the department of Qigong is bigger than that of Acupuncture.

Qigong is an invaluable practice in a healthy lifestyle. With regular Qigong practice people have experienced:

An Increased ability to relax, and reduce stress.                    

Enhanced immune system function & overall health.

Improvement in their circulation, blood pressure, and balance.

Increased energy, vitality, and a feeling of well-being.



P1190310_cropped_(113x115).jpgT'ai Chi Qigong DVD 

Chris performs 2 enjoyable Qigong sets in different locations, each approximately 20 minutes long. 18 Forms Qigong is mostly done with feet in a parallel stance. T'ai Chi Qigong Connected Form uses front leg to back leg weight-shifting, and side to side shifts. Although a non-instructional video, the movements are clearly modeled, with some close-ups helping to define hand positions. Movement names and breathing prompts appear for 18 Forms Qigong. The relative ease of learning these sets will enable you to activate and circulate chi energy, relax, and receive benefit quickly! Go to the Shop page or click http://chrisendres.nationbuilder.com/shop to purchase a DVD.  




“My blood pressure which used to run in the 140-150’s over high 80’s to low 90’s, now runs at 117-126 / 70-74.  I attribute this solely to Tai Chi Chih. My balance is much better & my depression has gradually lifted on its own.” Linda Shipman, B.A. NCMT, age 58

“ After 3 semesters of Tai Chi Qigong classes, my lung function on 5 different tests had improved so significantly, the technician repeated 2 tests to  make sure the machine was running correctly.” My balance was so good for my age, that my doctor wanted to know what I was doing. When I told him about doing qigong, he wanted Chris's contact information, so he could let his other patients know about her classes. Kay Ritz, age 88

"After recovering from surgery, I began to feel a sense of anxiety, was uneasy in crowds, had sleepless nights, and felt isolated. I immediately sought out my primary care provider who also recommended seeing a mental care doctor for additional treatment and prescribed medication.  My entire experience was due to depression. My good friend knew what I was going through, and suggested we attend your Tai Chi Qigong class. She mentioned her previous attendance at your beginner and intermediate classes, and her wonderful experience. To my amazement, after a few classes, I began to feel such peace, a more positive attitude, less stress, and relief from my depression. I'm back to my old self!! Chris, I believe your Tai Chi Qigong class has done wonders for my mental, spiritual and physical health"….Isabel Allard

I initially began taking classes with Chris Endres to improve my balance and to gain more energy. Both my energy and balance have been helped by the practice, and I have noticed over the semesters other benefits as well. I have arthritis in my hands so if I bang or injure one of them they tend to ache sometimes for days. One day I hurt my hand in the morning then attended a Qigong class. After completing the class and the quiet breathing meditation, I completely forgot about the pain and it totally disappeared. I highly recommend the cumulative benefits of this practice and the excellent teaching of Chris Endres....Christina Dean, retired Academic Coordinator, San Diego State University

Qigong works miracles.   I had to have a tooth implant this morning, and I've always dreaded going to the dentist.   Usually I am so nervous!  But this morning I decided to do relaxation qigong before I left. I was so calm through the whole procedure! The dentist complimented me about being one of his most calm patients.  I told him what I had done, and he said he wished all his patients did the same.  Before he had kids and had more time, he did yoga and meditation, so he knows the benefits. Thanks again for making me a better person…Sharon Justeson, retired Elementary School Principal 


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