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Nikken (knee ken), a research and development company founded in Japan, has over 40 years of success creating and offering advanced wellness technologies and products. With a great deal of science behind them, these products support a healthy home and lifestyle.

Nikken developed technologies utilizing natural earth energies that our bodies require and respond well to. They built these into a variety of products. With its mission being to help people create total wellness, Nikken pioneered the concept of the Wellness Home. A Wellness Home, or workplace, creates a protective and nourishing environment for people, much like a greenhouse does for plants. These revolutionary products address the most essential elements for good health – water, air, sleep and nutrition. If your body is getting too little or not the right kind of these vital ingredients, it cannot heal itself or maintain healthy functioning. When you get the toxins out, and nutrition in, health can begin.

Among the innovations pioneered by Nikken are:   

  • Advanced Magnetic Technology
  • Air Wellness Technology
  • Kenko Sleep Technology
  • Kenzen Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition
  • Pi Mag Water Technology 

 Elements for Vital Wellness and a healthier home. Watch!



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