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Energy Healing has been practiced for thousands of years in Egypt, India, China, Japan, and Australia. Today there are over 80 universities in the U.S. and abroad that teach or research Energy Medicine. Energy Healing is just one form.

Energy medicine is based on the recognition of complex energy fields around and through a person that interface and affect hormonal and cellular systems of the body. Our electromagnetic field (aura) and energy centers (chakras) keep our body and mind alive and healthy. They hold and govern our feelings, thoughts. and attitudes. It is primarily from these subtle energy levels that illness and health originate.

As James L. Oshman, PhD discusses in his book “Energy Medicine- The Scientific Basis”, energy medicine involves understanding how the body creates, responds to, and benefits from electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, including light, sound, and other forms of energy.

Many medical technologies use different forms of energy for diagnosis and treatment – from electrocardiograms and MRIs to pulsing magnetic field therapy to jump-start the healing of bones and tissue. In energy medicine therapies such as homeopathy and flower essences, the electromagnetic signature of a particular substance affects body systems. 

Oshman explains that energy- healing practitioners channel energy (chi, ki, prana ), to positively affect a person’s energy system. This is based on scientifically measureable energy fields emitted from the trained healing practitioners’ hands. He mentions the work of Dr. John Zimmerman, who found that ELF electromagnetic signals are emitted from the hands of trained healers, but not from those without training. He also found that the pulsing magnetic field produced by their hands was in the same frequency range that medical researchers have identified as being effective for jump-starting the healing process in the various tissues they have investigated. There is also evidence that infra-red radiation from the hands of energy workers can increase cellular growth, DNA synthesis, and cell respiration .These methods can adjust the frequency of a person’s internal circuits in order to balance systems.

This type of healing impacts primarily the physical and etheric bodies. "Spiritual healing not only works at the physical and etheric level, but also helps to rebalance the astral, mental, and higher energetic levels of dysfunction as well. At the spiritual levels of human consciousness, there exists a perfection and energetic balance which cannot be affected by distortions of mind and emotion. At these highest levels, the soul is working to positively influence the energies integrating with the physical form."... Richard Gerber M.D., "Vibrational Medicine".

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